It’s a diagnosis that nobody ever wants given to them. It’s an embarrassing secret you have to inform your partners of. It’s a pain inducing, discoloring, stressful disease that leaves its sufferers wondering ‘will there ever be a cure for ?’ Here’s the fantastic news: there is now an amazing, tested, and proven herpes cure breakthrough in the form of The Ultimate Herpes Protocol! This natural herpes cure has helped thousands rid themselves of their herpes just like it can help you. So, if you’re tired of the pain of herpes, the daily medication, and the stigma associated with the disease, perhaps it’s time to check into this herpes breakthrough.

Herpes is the common name for the first two species of virus in the herpesviridae family of DNA viruses. There are eight discovered members of the herpesviridae family that effect humans, these eight include herpesviruses such as HHV3, which causes chicken pox and shingles, HHV4 and HHV5, both causes of mononucleosis, and HHV6, which causes rosella in young children. Melanie Addington, author of The Ultimate Herpes Protocol, examines these eight different herpesviruses in depth in her book. However when most people hear the diagnoses of herpes their minds immediately jump to the first members of the herpesviridae family, the two different types of the Herpes Simplex virus, mentioned above, HHV1 and HHV2.

HHV1, the first herpesvirus, is commonly associated with oral infections, while HHV2, the second virus in the hepersviridae family, is associated with genital infections, though HHV1 has been known to cause genital infections and HHV2 has been known to cause oral infections. Both of these viruses are considered sexually transmitted diseases, though HHV1 can spread multiple ways such as sharing a straw, a cigarette, or kissing, and generally appears as blister groupings on the mouth and lips. HHV2, also known as genital herpes, or sacral herpes, usually appears as a cluster of blisters on the genitals, buttocks, and lower sacral region of the spine, hence the name.

If you suffer from either of the Herpes simplex viruses, fear not, there is a cure for herpes 2015. In her book, The Ultimate Herpes Protocol, Melanie Addington lays out a natural herpes cure that will help you strengthen your immune system, destroy the virus, and prevent from future outbreaks. Below you will find many resources featured in Addington’s herpes cure breakthrough book, as well as a thorough The Ultimate Herpes Protocol Review. So if you’ve lived with herpes long enough, live with it no more, find the herpes cure 2015.

herpes cure breakthrough


The Ultimate Herpes Protocol

The Ultimate Herpes Protocol is a revolutionary e-book written by Melanie Addington. In this book Addington addresses many different approaches to curing your herpes. Doctors and medical experts claim that herpes can be controlled with the use of differing medications depending on the type and severity of your herpes, while Addington assures you that you can completely cure your herpes by following her steps, strategies, and guides. At first, these claims can seem outlandish and easy to discount and disbelieve, but inside Melanie’s book you’ll find a no non-sense guide to not only controlling but ridding and curing yourself of the virus.

The Ultimate Herpes Protocol begins with the true story of its author, Melanie Addington, a ex-herpes sufferer. When both Melanie and her father became tired of doctors prescribing medicine and telling them that there was no absolute cure for the disease, they did something about it. Slowly Addington realized the existing methods for herpes control were only ways of making money for big pharmaceutical corporations, and by doing extensive research on natural cures for the disease, eventually developed a plan that allowed her to rid herself of herpes completely. After developing the Ultimate Herpes Protocol Melanie adapted it to the e-book format and published it to help other people suffering with the virus.

The Ultimate Herpes Protocol breaks down into nine short chapters, and really is the no-nonsense approach to curing herpes. Addington doesn’t attempt any medical jargon in her book and instead opts out for a thorough explanation of the herpesviridae viral family, and a thorough examination on how to cure the diseases associated with it. Melanie takes great lengths in establishing step by step instructions for strengthening your immune system, destroying the virus, and ultimately stopping the virus from copying itself and ridding your system of the disease.

Though I’m sure many long time sufferers of the herpes simplex virus will be skeptical at first and have a hard time believing that such a breakthrough exists, the internet is full of accounts of people saying that The Ultimate Herpes Protocol has worked for them and they are now herpes free. If you’re still having a hard time buying into Addington’s claims of a full herpes cure, that’s okay, this miracle protocol really is almost too good to believe. Allow us to take a deeper and more thorough look at the plans, strategies, and steps found in The Ultimate Herpes Protocol.

The Steps in Ridding Yourself of the Herpes Virus


As is listed in The Ultimate Herpes Protocol, Melanie Addington establishes a list of three steps in curing herpes. The first step of the three is strengthening your immune system, and Addington lists nine different ways of strengthening your immune system and ensuring it stays that way.


1. Stop Smoking:

Ensuring you keep a healthy, stable, and strong immune system is a must when curing your herpes. Cigarette smoke contains high levels of unhealthy chemicals such as tar and nicotine which makes your immune system much less effective at fighting off disease. Stopping smoking will allow your immune system to begin the healing process and ultimately allow it to strengthen.


2. Maintain a diet high in fruits and vegetables and avoiding saturated fats:

Adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet is a great way to strengthen your immune system which can ultimately lead to curing your herpes. Foods high in vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B6, vitamin A, and vitamin D are essential. Avoiding foods high in saturated fats is also a must when strengthening your immune system.


3. Exercise on a regular basis:

Exercise is a great way to boost your immune system. Not only will moderate-intensity physical activity make you feel great about yourself, it can also help your body fight off disease. It is however important to note that you shouldn’t exhaust yourself while exercising as this can have the adverse effect and actually serve to make you more prone to infection. Moderation goes a long way here.


4. Stay at a healthy weight:

Keeping your physical body weight within healthy parameters is a must when seeking to strengthen your immune system and ultimately curing your herpes. Being overweight can lead to a weakening and impairment to the immune system, as can not eating enough healthy foods, and not consuming enough calories a day for your given size. Again, moderation and close watch and planning are essential to staying at a healthy weight and boosting your immune system.


5. Avoid alcohol:

Excessive alcohol use harms the immune system in two different ways. Alcohol deprives the body of immune boosting nutrients, which produces an overall nutritional deficiency. Secondly, alcohol reduces white blood cells abilities to kill germs when consumed in excess. Keep alcohol consumption to a minimum or avoiding it all together is a must when strengthening your immune system and curing your herpes.


6. Get a regular and regulated amount of sleep each night:

Lack of sleep can contribute to a multitude of health problems and has been linked to suppressing the immune system functions. T-cells which are essential in stabilizing and keeping our immune system strong are diminished by lack of sleep.


7. Wash your hands regularly:

Washing your hands regularly and keeping up good hygiene in general is absolutely essential in boosting the immune system and ridding yourself of herpes. Washing your hands regularly and generally keeping clean eliminates many germs and bacteria on the body that could ultimately lead to sickness. By having good hygiene we can stop infections before they begin.


8. Avoid moldy foods:

When seeking to strengthen you immune system and ultimately cure herpes, avoiding foods with mold is a must. Molds destroy T-cells, those cells essential for keeping a stable and strong immune system, as well as leading to mold related illnesses.


9. Get rid of any amalgam fillings:

Since the late 80s many researchers have found that dental fillings made of amalgam can affect the immune system in big and negative ways. Again being linked to diminishing T-cells, Addington advocates the removal of amalgam fillings by your dentist and replacing them with a non-hazardous material as to strengthen your immune system and rid yourself of the herpes simplex virus.

The second step in the three step process advocated in The Ultimate Herpes Protocol is designed to destroy the protective protein coat of the herpes simplex virus and ultimately destroy the virus within your system to allow you to recover from the disease using all natural methods. Destroying herpes protective protein coating allows your body’s natural defenses and your newly strengthened immune system to do their job and destroy the virus inside your body once and for all.

Many different viruses are covered with a protective film to ensure they can live out their lifespan and succeed in their nasty mission to destroy you from the inside out. Melanie Addington addresses the natural ways to destroy the herpes simplex virus’ protective protein coating and allow your body to do the rest of the work for you. All the secrets to finally conquering herpes by destroying it inside your body are available in The Ultimate Herpes Protocol and step two is a huge attribute to Melanie’s overall plan for a natural herpes cure 2015.

The third and final step in The Ultimate Herpes Protocol’s plan to eliminate herpes from your body is dedicated to providing prevention from future outbreaks. This step is possibly the most important of the three. Knowing the pain, embarrassment, and stigma involved with the herpes simplex virus assures that you will never want to contract it again, and once you’ve used the first two steps to rid your body of the virus you will most certainly want to prevent future outbreaks. As a sufferer herself for many years, Addington did not skip this last and most important step in the process.

To assure that you won’t encounter the disease in the future Addington addresses several different all natural ways to be certain you won’t ever have to deal with the discomforts of herpes ever again. The natural cures listed in step three of The Ultimate Herpes Protocol allow you to rest easy knowing that you will never have to deal with the effects of herpes on your life again. Addington goes in depth in the final step of her three step herpes cure to pass on the knowledge of ways to keep yourself safe and secure from the herpes simplex virus and establishes in finality a cure for herpes 2015.


Finally Finding a Cure

After the heartbreaking loss of her boyfriend when she revealed to him she had herpes, Melanie Addington decided the disease was no longer going to rule her life. After Melanie developed sacral herpes and lost her boyfriend because of the disease she began extensive research into curing the virus. As the creator of The Ultimate Herpes Protocol, Melanie has helped thousands of people all over the world destroy the virus inside their system and go on to live full and productive lives free of the disease thanks to her herpes cure 2015.

If you are a sufferer of the herpes simplex virus, there is no need to suffer any longer. Why deal with the pain, discoloration, and embarrassment of this disease when a cure waits just in front of you? No matter which type of herpes has effected your life there is now both a oral and genital herpes cure breakthrough. No more do you have to wonder. No more do you have to worry. A cure is here and you can live the life you have always wanted thanks to this herpes cure breakthrough. No more do we have to ask ‘will there ever be a cure for herpes?’